(See English biography above.)


2002年、ドイツにて「78 Crew」を結成。プロデュースとトラック担当になる。

"78 Crew"は短命に終わるも、その後も単独で作曲やリミックス制作を続け、ドイツ語で作詞を始める。日本語ラップに触れる。


2006年、千葉のラップクルー「B2B CONNECTION」に加入。同時にCHIKATETSUの名でソロ活動も続け、ソロとしては初のMIXTAPE「韻LOVE MIXTAPE VOL.01」と「韻LOVE MIXTAPE VOL.02」を発表。 

 2009年、ドイツより日本へと活動拠点を移し、東京、千葉、茨城、埼玉でライブ活動を開始。ドイツ語ラップを復活させるとともに、英語を加えた3カ国語ラップ「韻LOVE MIXTAPE VOL.03」を発表。

(photo by 永野レア)
2010年、B2B CONNECTIONから脱退しCHIKATETSUとしての活動も停止。ポップグループ"Party Groove"に加入、「JULIAN」名義でラップ担当となる。赤坂BLITZなどでのライブ活動を積極的に展開し、TV TOKYO『DANCE@TV』に出演。

2011311震災により"Party Groove"活動休止。
Julian Nagano」名義で新たにソロ活動を開始。5月に「best kept secret」、6月に「Do It Again And Again」を発表。同年シンガー兼ラッパー"Terusha"のプロデュースを開始。9月、Terushaと共に無料ミニアルバム「¥€$ presents "SHARE"」を発表。


20133月に「お残しは許しまへんで!! 15 min Mix」をYouTubeSoundcloudにて発表。


Julian becomes interested in Hip Hop Music at the age of 11.

2002 - Foundation of "78 Crew" in Germany. Julian becomes the producer and trackmaker of the crew.

"78 Crew" dies young. Julian starts his own solo projects, including track making and remixing. He starts to write lyrics in German and becomes interested in Japanese Hip Hop.

Julian releases single songs in the world wide web regularly. He begins to rap in Japanese as "CHIKATETSU", while he takes a break in rapping in German.

- Julian becomes a member of Chiba's rap crew "B2B CONNECTION", in parallel he continues his solo career as CHIKATETSU. Julian releases his first mixtapes "韻LOVE MIXTAPE VOL.01" and "韻LOVE MIXTAPE VOL.02".

2009 - Julian moves to Japan to broaden his music. He performs continuously in Tokyo, Chiba, Ibaraki, Saitama. Releasing "韻LOVE MIXTAPE VOL.03", he reactivates German rap and adds English rap to his repertoire.

2010 - Julian drops out from B2B CONNECTION and stops his rap career as CHIKATETSU. He joins the pop music group "Party Groove", in which he leads the rap parts as "JULIAN". Party Groove starts constructively by performing at "Akasaka BLITZ" and appearing at TV TOKYO's "DANCE@TV".

2011 - Party Groove breaks from work due to Japans catastrophe from 3.11. Julian starts his solo career again as "Julian Nagano" and releases two projects: "best kept secret" and "Do It Again And Again". Same year, Julian starts producing female singer and rapper "Terusha". In September, he releases the free mini-album "¥€$ presents -SHARE-", together with Terusha.

2012 - Julian releases another free download project called "SFBW". Same year, he writes a German promotional song for Osnabrück's (Germany) female basketball team. In September, Terusha releases her first solo album, in which Julian is involved doing guest appearances in 4 songs.

2013 - In March, Julian releases "お残しは許しまへんで!! 15 min Mix" on YouTube and Soundcloud.