Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hanzo Reiza新作「SOUL TO SOUL」、2曲参加!!

Hanzo Reizaのニューアルバム「SOUL TO SOUL」に2曲参加してます!! 前このブログで紹介した時は1曲だったんだけど、2曲になりました!Blue Jeans Monster a.k.a. 剃刀半蔵にBig Shout Out!

こちらで視聴&free DLできちゃう!

  1. Blue Jeans Monster [D]
  2. Heroes and Villains ft. Mc Chill Cat [D]
  3. Manga pro. KOB the YLM [D]
  4. Soul to Soul ft Mek Piisua [D]
  5. Player of the game [D]
  6. Gamers ft ATSU from JAPANOVAS [D]
  7. Chillin in the VineYard [D]
  8. Food and Drink ft. Julian Nagano [D]
  9. HAZE [D]
  10. STiLL HiGH [D]
  11. Night of the Living Zombies ft. KcR+Idd¥ [D]
  12. Hanzo Reiza and Blitz Creed [PHANTOMS] ~ HEAT [D]
  13. Origami Flow [D]
  14. Hanzo Reiza ft. Karma the Zipper - Super Ninja Bros [D]
  15. MASTERS of the UNIVERSE ft. Julian Nagano [D]
【PV】Soul to Soul ft. Mek Piisua / Hanzo Reiza

ちなみに、Hanzo Reizaは現在、日本に滞在中でございます。