Thursday, June 23, 2011

Intro Again / Julian Nagano

we had a man on the moon, soon a man on the mars
but I ain't give a fuck, I'm the man on the block
I'm man with a cha- and a -ris and a -ma
got a watch on my wrist nothing sticked on my arms
bow wow, the first who put ice in a G-Shock
fuck it, I'm the first saying in a song that we need jobs
how to make money!? ask Steve Jobs
everybody want, but they won't… Detox!

何度目のイントロdo it again and again...
皆さんに感謝 無料で入場可能なjet coaster
ladies first意識でも先行者 hip hop専門家
言葉吐く名人 または音捌く芸人